Dean C. Logan
Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Department Headquarters
12400 Imperial Highway
Norwalk, California 90650

Los Angeles County Registrar-Recorder County Clerk
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Schedule E
Payments and Contributions Made (Other Than Loans)
Wesson for Supervisor 2020
Statement Period
from 01/01/2020
to 01/18/2020

Schedule E Summary
1. Payments made this period of $100 or more : $233,837.00
2. Unitemized payments made this period of under $100 : $151.95
3. Total interest paid this period on loans: $0.00
4. Total payments made this period : $233,988.95

Schedule E Detail (24 Records) [Page: >> ]
Name and Address of Payee Code
Description of Payment Amount Paid
Bankcard Center (see desc) Credit Card Payment  $541.29
Billionaire Burgers LLC MTG    $1,000.00
Kimani Black SAL    $3,450.00
Budget Watchdogs Newsletter (see desc) Slate Mailer  $15,236.00
Buying Time, LLC TEL    $140,035.00
California Latino Voters Guide (see desc) Slate Mailer  $11,557.00
California Voter Guide (see desc) Slate Mailer  $2,151.00
Calsal Voter Guide (see desc) Slate Mailer  $9,640.00
Election Digest (see desc) Slate Mailer  $20,752.00
Employment Development Department (see desc) Payroll Taxes  $467.98
First Bank Merchant Service Discount OFC    $2,439.88
Keith Garrett MTG    $1,000.00
John Harris RFD    $1,000.00
Internal Revenue Service (see desc) Payroll Taxes  $2,401.00
Brittney Johnson MTG    $800.00
Nay's Taco Inc. MTG    $1,000.00
Pan Victoria Inc. MTG    $850.00
Political Data Inc (see desc) Voter Data  $4,000.00
Putnam Partners, LLC TEL    $1,339.40
Staples (see desc) Slate Mailer  $5,616.93
The Bleu Kitchen MTG    $1,000.00
The Trackless Train MTG    $300.00
Voter Newsletter (see desc) Slate Mailer  $5,600.00
Leon Youngblood SAL    $1,659.52
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SUBTOTAL $233,837.00