Dean C. Logan
Registrar-Recorder/County Clerk

Department Headquarters
12400 Imperial Highway
Norwalk, California 90650

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California Form 460 Expenditure Codes

NOTE: "GOO" is for General Overhead. This is an older code used in the Form 490; it is no longer used in the Form 460.

Expenditure Code Description
CMP Campaign Paraphernalia, Miscellaneous
CNS Campaign Consultants
CTB Contribution (Explain Non-Monetary)*
CVC Civic Donations
FIL Candidate Filing/Ballot Fees
FND Fundraising Events
IND Independent Expenditure Supporting or Opposing Others (Explains)*
LEG Legal Defense
LIT Campaign Literature Mailings
MBR Member Communications
MTG Meetings and Appearances
NCA 00 - No Category Applies (Explain Below
OFC Office Expenses
PET Petition Circulating
PHO Phone Banks
POL Polling and Survey Research
POS Postage, Delivery and Messenger Services
PRO Professional Services (e.g., legal, accounting, etc.)
PRT Print Ads
RAD Radio Airtime and Production Costs
RFD Returned Contributions
SAL Campaign Workers Salaries
TEL TV or Cable Airtime and Production Costs
TRC Candidate Travel, Lodging and Meals (Explain)
TRS Staff or Spouse Travel, Lodging and Meals (Explain)
TSF Transfer Between Committees of the Same Candidate/Sponsor
VOT Voter Registration
WEB Information Technology Costs (e.g., Internet Provider, E-mail, etc.)