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Recipient Committee Campaign Statement Cover Page
(Government Code Sections 84200-84216.5)
Holly J. Mitchell for County Supervisor 2020
Election Date:
Statement Period
from 07/01/2021
to 10/31/2021
I. Type of Recipient Committee
Officeholder, Candidate Controlled Committee
II. Type of Statement
Termination Statement
III. Committee Information
Committee Name : Holly J. Mitchell for County Supervisor 2020  - 1415889
Committee Address :
Mailing Address (if different) :
FAX Number :  
E-Mail Address :
Treasurer Name :   Holly J.  Mitchell
Treasurer Address and Phone Number :
Assistant Treasurer Name :    
Assistant Treasurer Address and Phone Number :  
Treasurer FAX Number :  
Treasurer E-Mail Address : None

IV. Verification
I have used all reasonable diligence in preparing this statement. I have reviewed the statement and to the best of my knowledge the information contained herein and in the attached schedules is true and complete. I certify under penalty of perjury under the laws of the State of California that the foregoing is true and correct.
Executed On : 02/11/22  By : Holly J. Mitchell 
Signature of Candidate / Officeholder
Executed On : 02/11/22  By : Holly J. Mitchell 
Signature of Treasurer

V. Officeholder, Candidate, and Controlled Committee
Name of Officeholder or Candidate :   Holly J.  Mitchell
Office Sought or Held (Include Location and District Number if Applicable) : County Supervisor  - C02
Residential or Business Address and Phone Number :

  Related Committees Not Included in this Statement
Committee Name ID CC Address Treasurer
Senator Holly J. Mitchell Officeholder Account 20181414025Y   Holly J. Mitchell
Holly J. Mitchell for Secretary of State 20221415447Y   Holly J. Mitchell
Supervisor Holly J. Mitchell Officeholder 20201435302Y   Holly J. Mitchell